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Welcome to the Fashion & Beauty Directory at BeautyDirectory4u.com!

Our goal is to put together the most consise and comprehensive listing of all the top beauty and fashion related websites on the internet. All websites submitted have been reviewed and approved by our staff to ensure they offer something unique and valuable to our online fashion community.

You can browse our listings via categories in the left hand menu. We also feature our top listings right here on the homepage in what we call our best fashion & beauty sites from head to toe!

Top Beauty & Fashion Sites from Head to Toe

If you want to look great 365 days of the year, but want to keep your shopping to only a select few online destinations, our top sites from head to toe are just what you're looking for. We're going to start from the ground up, because in our opinion looking beautiful and fashionable starts with the feet! So let's get started with our pick for the top women's shoes site online...

Women's Shoes

When it came to selecting the top women's shoes site, we looked for 3 main ingredients:

1) Cheap women's shoes (price is important to us!)
2) Selection (we wanted a good variety)
3) Quality (it doesn't matter if your shoes are cheap, if they are of poor quality and uncomfortable it's going to be a waste of money).

Our choice for the top women's shoes shopping destination on the net is JustFab. As you can see from the link, over 1 million Facebook Fans can't be wrong. With a huge selection of styles at only $39.95 a pop (along with free shipping & returns), their womens shoes are tough to beat in the price, selection and quality department. What makes JustFab even better is their personalized approach to shopping. Each month you'll get your own personal stylist who will pick out shoes for you based on your fashion tastes! So that's why we give this site our top pick for ladies footwear.

Up next is the clothing department...

Women's Clothes

Shoes and clothing go hand in hand and when it came to pick out our top online clothes shopping destination we took into consideration the same three factors we looked at with women's shoes. That would be prices, selection and quality.

When it came down to it, we had to go with Forever21 who have a pretty huge following on Facebook with over 7 million fans. Their huge selection of fashionable clothing along with great pricing and timely sales, makes Forever21 our favorite place to shop for women's clothing online. Their site is very easy to browse and they are always on the cutting edge of fashion trends. Whether you're looking for fall clothing, winter clothing or summer clothes you're sure to find something here that suits your style and budget.

Let's move on to every woman's favorite... Jewelry!


Our criteria for choosing the best place to buy jewelry online boiled down to selection and prices. We're not neccessarily looking for cheap jewelry, but rather good prices for quality jewelry and a good selection. Having a website that is easy to use was also something we took into consideration. Our pick for the top place to buy jewelry online might come as a bit of a surprise...

We actually think that Amazon's Jewelry Department is one of the absolute best places to find any type of jewelry for the best price online. They have a huge selection of items ranging in prices from cheaper jewelry all the way to super high end expensive stones. If you compare similar items to other shops online, you'll find Amazon beats them almost every time in price. The best part though are the huge number of customer reviews and the details they have on each item. This makes Amazon our top pick for the best place to buy jewelry online.

Makeup & Cosmetics

When it comes to beauty and cosmetics, our top site was mostly based on the overall quality of their product. We believe that MAC Cosmetics are the best brand out there for makeup and cosmetics, bar none. Their makeup never disappoints and you can buy everything they carry right from their website. While they might not be the cheapest option out there, for the quality of their products they are well worth the extra price you might pay compared to some lesser brands! They also offer free shipping from time to time, so stock up when free shipping is available.

And finally, let's move on to the last ingredient to looking beautiful... Hair care products!

Hair Care

When we were searching for our top hair car product website, the main things we looked for were selection and prices. We wanted a place we could go to that carried all of the top brands, but offered decent prices and a nice looking and easy to use website. The site we chose doesn't have a super huge following and are more under the radar, but we still think that Folica is one of the best places out there.

They have a a huge selection of hair care products from all of the major brands out there. What makes this place even better are the timely deals and savings they offer. You could literally shop here once a year on one of their big sales and buy all of the hair care products you'd need for the entire year and save a fortune! Keep checking their site and wait for one of their 25% off deals, stock up on products, and save a ton of money!

So there you have it... Our top beauty and fashion sites from head to toe. While these guys are the cream of the crop, we hope you explore the rest of our site for some more of the best beauty and fashion sites online.